Get Walking

Is your cancer treatment leaving you feeling out of control, with others making decisions about YOUR life?
You can take back some control with this easy to follow, simple walking plan.

This programme is specially designed to keep you moving through your cancer treatment and set you up for a healthier, more active future.
Based on the standard chemo cycle of one treatment every three weeks, it can easily be adapted to other cycles. We know you will feel ok on some days and unable to get out of bed on others: that’s fine, this is a guilt-free programme! Do what you can when you are able and each session you complete will make the next one that much easier.

It is well documented that exercise can help you recover more quickly and exercise can help reduce the risk of recurrence. So do something positive for your body and your mind.
Try it today, do it again tomorrow. Repeat. Enjoy the benefits, move your body, breathe in the fresh air, calm your mind.