Gill Fullen

gill fullen

Gill Fullen has represented GB as an age grouper in duathlon and triathlon for the past seven years and has a collection of gold medals to show for it. Gill has also raced the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii twice, making the podium on the second occasion and with another trip to the Big Island on the cards for 2018. In 2016 Gill was diagnosed with breast cancer. She continued to race internationally prior to treatment and then trained and raced locally throughout her surgery and chemotherapy. Within 6 months of finishing chemo Gill was back with 3 major race wins under her belt, a new IM pb and ladies course record at the full Outlaw Triathlon. Gill is passionate about helping others with cancer to continue to be active during and after treatment, acting as a positive role model and helping people access the information which will help them achieve the best outcome in their situation.